Site questions? Get in touch and keep up to date

Site questions? Get in touch and keep up to date

St. Modwen as master developer for Kingsgrove is aware that many residents have questions about their estate, and often aren’t sure who the best person to ask is. Please see below a list of contact details for each area.

Please click here to view our tracker of questions raised by residents. This tracker aims to set up better communication with residents, giving progress updates as to what’s going on behind the scenes to make sure Kingsgrove is a great place to live. If you would like to report an issue to the team, please check the tracker first as a neighbour may have already reported the same issue. We will update this with progress every two weeks.

If you have a question which is not covered in the document, please email the relevant team and cc in

Get in touch

Contact your managing agent for any queries regarding:

  • Communal areas in a block of flats
  • Communal areas of infrastructure that has been handed over

Kingsgrove’s main managing agent – Preim – – 01778 382210

Cala Homes’ managing agent – Remus – – 01722 328685

Your home

Each parcel includes roads, verges, pathways, street lights and other associated infrastructure. These areas  will be managed by the housebuilder until they are completed and then they will be handed over to either your managing agent or the Council.

For any queries regarding your home or communal areas for your parcel (which have not yet been handed over), please email your housebuilder’s customer service team.

For any queries regarding infrastructure or communal areas that have not yet been handed over to a managing agent, or for any other matters, email or call 07883 731491 and they will direct you to the right team.