Have your say on future development at Kingsgrove

Have your say on future development at Kingsgrove

On Friday 15th July the St. Modwen team hosted a consultation event at the Kingsgrove Café.

St. Modwen is preparing to submit an outline planning application for the final three phases of Kingsgrove, known as Grove East, Grove West and South West. 520 homes have already been approved for these neighbourhoods and the team is looking to add around 40 additional homes to the application area, bringing the total number to 560 in these phases and 1,540 across the whole development.

The additional homes would provide much needed local housing and would not impact on any of the planned infrastructure or reduce any open space. The housing would be within existing development parcels and above the retail units in the local centre.

The information is available to download HERE and please take the time to give us your feedback by using the form below before 29th July.

If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, email: community@kingsgrovewantage.co.uk