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Welcome to Kingsgrove Wantage 9

About St. Modwen

Changing places. Creating better futures.

St. Modwen is about transformation through better environments. 

Our history and expertise is bedded in the regeneration and renewal of spaces; taking on the challenges that others cannot and breathing life into places to create new and better opportunities; and adapting to changing times.

We seek to improve and enhance – with tangible and intangible benefits. Our aim is to ensure that what we create is appropriate and lasting. We think long term and deliver.

We transform, optimise and improve, turning spaces into places that benefit the people who live and work there. Our purpose is to give new meaning to those communities and environments we develop.

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A St. Modwen development at Littlecombe, Gloucestershire



Welcome to Kingsgrove Wantage 6

In October 2017 we undertook a public consultation, inviting the local community to help design the Neighbourhood Centre and Community Building at Kingsgrove.


Click the link below for a summary of the feedback from the October 2017 consultation

Feedback Summary


Click the link below to view a copy of the Consultation Report (14.10.17)

Consultation Report


An exhibition held on 3 February 2018 outlined how the outcomes of the October consultation shaped the form and layout of the Neighbourhood Centre and Community Building.

Click the link below to view the boards from the 3 February 2018 exhibition

Exhibition Boards – 03/02/2018


Next Steps

Following the public consultation, we submitted the Development Brief for the Neighbourhood Centre and the Community Building (which will establish the principles that further planning applications will be required to follow) to the Vale of White Horse District Council (VOWHDC).

Phase 1 - St. Modwen Homes

Planning permission was granted in November 2017 for the first phase of 70 homes, which will be delivered by our award-winning housebuilding business, St. Modwen Homes.

These new homes are sensitively designed and sit in a lovingly detailed environment, with views of the Charlton Village cricket grounds and linking to the play area east of Whitehorns farm road.

This first phase of the broader Kingsgrove community will include a range of homes including:

– 6 x 2 bedroom homes
– 30 x 3 bedroom homes
– 29 x 4 bedroom homes
– 5 x 5 bedroom homes
all with associated parking


Glan Llyn Street Scene

A St. Modwen development at Glan Llyn, Newport

St Modwen Homes Logo



Q. When can we register our interest for the new homes? 

A. You can register now, just click through here

Q. Can you give some more detail on the bespoke designs?

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Q. What are the timeframes for the development and how soon can we expect it to come to life?

A. This is a long term project which will take 10 to 15 years to fully develop. However, the site will be developed in phases. The first phase of 70 homes, delivered by St. Modwen Homes, is expected to be completed Summer/Autumn 2018.

Q. As a first phase occupier will I be living in a building site for 15 years?
A. No, each phase will be delivered discretely and should not greatly impact each other


Q. What price will the homes be?

A. This has not been determined but there will be a range of prices from starter homes up to large family dwellings.

Q. When will the neighbourhood centre and sports facilities be available?

A. All the communtiy facilities are linked to the phased delivery of numbers of homes and accessing areas. Delivery will be when key points are reached and there are sufficient homes on site to make the uses sustainable.

Q. How do I get more information?

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